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​If the answer is "I don't know" or contains words you can't even pronounce, you need LipSense! All SeneGence products are made in the USA from naturally recurring plant-based ingredients, FDA-approved, wax-free, lead-free, gluten-free, vegan, Kosher, protect against UVA & UVB rays & are not tested on animals. 


​I'm a proud independent distributor of SeneGence Anti-Aging Skincare & Long-Lasting Color Cosmetics! LipSense has forever changed my love of lipstick & is changing women's lives all across the country with an incredible career opportunity!

My hope is to introduce as many women as possible to these incredible products so that all women can enjoy 100% confidence in their cosmetics!

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* Kiss-Proof       * Smudge-Proof       * Waterproof       * 18 Hour Liquid Lipstick

# 192261

What's in your lipstick?

Kiss lipstick-stained teeth, coffee mugs, wine glasses, pets & children's faces GOODBYE & say HELLO to your new Lucky Lipstick!

LipSense will not kiss-off, smudge-off or budge-off! This waterproof liquid lip color stays put for up to 18 hours & is highly pigmented to look great all day! We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee!     

Get started by ordering your LipSense Starter Kit which includes a long-lasting color, Moisturizing Gloss & Ooops! Remover & I promise you'll fall in love with LipSense too!

Why Lipsense?

LipSense is available in over 70 long-lasting colors which you can layer together to create endless custom color cocktails!

3 LipSense colors = 27 color combos!  

Want to try LipSense for FREE?! Just Contact Me to schedule a Glamour Demo online or at your home or office & you and your friends can sample all the beautiful possibilities today!  Visit my Party Page to learn more!